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Our Story

KettleBaby emerged from the joyful exhaustion of early parenthood, with the love for our new baby barely keeping us sane through countless sleepless nights, poopy diapers, missed workouts, and completely reprioritized routines.  

Through this chaos, a trade-off emerged.  We had always enjoyed an active lifestyle, but it became so hard to keep up any sort of fitness routine as a new parent.  Trying to squeeze a workout into the busy day meant sacrificing precious family time.  Staying involved as a parent and helpful as a spouse left so little time for exercise.  We were deciding between spending time with our kettlebells or spending time with our baby.  

Then it hit me.  What if there was a way to get a total-body workout while interacting with my child in a fun, and meaningful way? 


 (Among the earliest KettleBaby prototypes circa February 2016)