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KettleBaby User Manual and Safety Precautions: 
  • General Safety Precautions: 
    • Consult your doctor before working out with KettleBaby. 
    • Consult your pediatrician before equipping your child with KettleBaby. 
    • Do not use KettleBaby with children less than five months old. 
    • Do not use KettleBaby with children unable to consistently support the weight of their own heads. 
    • Do not use KettleBaby with children greater than 50 lbs. 
    • Do not use KettleBaby under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or extreme sleep deprivation. 
    • Inspect your workout area prior to using KettleBaby, insuring there it is safe and free of tripping hazards, overhead obstacles (such as door frames, ceilings, or fans), or other potentially dangerous objects. 
    • Inspect KettleBaby device for signs of fraying or wear prior to each use. Do not use KettleBaby if structural integrity appears compromised. 
  • Equipping Child with KettleBaby: 
    • Assume a position seated position on the floor prior to equipping child with KettleBaby. 
    • With your legs extended in a V-shape, seat your child between your legs with their back toward you and their legs extended. 
    • Slide KettleBaby over child's feet one at a time. Have child stand up. Slide KettleBaby up the child's torso until their bottom against the seat of the KettleBaby device. 
    • Always minimize the distance between the child and the ground while equipping child securely in device, re-positioning device, or removing the device from child. The child may be at greater risk of falling while device is being equipped or removed, so these steps should be performed at ground-level. 
    • The front of the device - featuring the text "KettleBaby" - should align with the front of the child's abdomen. 
    • Do not use KettleBaby if the upper edge of the device rests above the child's armpits. The child's arms should freely extend above the upper edge of the device. In no instance should the device approach the child's neck. 
  • Exercising with KettleBaby:
    • Remaining aware of your surroundings, grasp KettleBaby handles on either side with each hand. Maintain a two-handed grasp - with a hand on each handle - throughout your use of KettleBaby. In no instance should you hold the child in the KettleBaby device with a single hand.
    • Lift KettleBaby and begin exercising with your child, performing smooth, gentle motions no more abrupt than you would comfortably carry your child without the KettleBaby device. 
    • Maintain visual contact with the child's face - directly or via a reflection - throughout your exercise routine, insuring their breathing is in no way constrained and they are generally enjoying themselves. Stop immediately if you detect any sign of distress with your child, gently positioning yourself on the floor and removing the device from the child. 
    • Through each motion, maintain an angle of at least 30 degrees between the child and the floor, ensuring the child does not slide out of or come loose in the device. In no instance should the child be horizontal or inverted in the device. 
    • Enjoy interacting with your child while exercising with the KettleBaby device. Discuss the motions you are performing. Count out the reps together. Make sound effects as desired. 
    • Monitor your fatigue and DO NOT EXERCISE TO THE POINT OF FAILURE. If you are not absolutely confident in your ability to safely perform a motion with you child in the KettleBaby device, maintain a secure grasp on the handles while gently taking a seat on the floor of your workout area. Do not attempt to remove the device from the child until safely seated on the floor. 
  • Removing KettleBaby from Child: 
    • When finished, gently sit on the floor and remove the device from the child, having them stand while you slide the device off their torso and sit while you remove it from their legs. 
  • KettleBaby Maintenance: 
    • Store KettleBaby in a dry environment out of direct sunlight and away from pets or animals. 
    • Clean by hand with mild detergent and damp towel as needed. Air dry.